The advent of ultrapulse CO2 laser resurfacing has enabled a simple treatment for many scars. Most scars can be improved or totally eliminated with the Ultrapulse laser. This procedure takes only several minutes and is usually performed with local anaesthesia. The scarred area is treated with the laser which causes a flattening of the scar borders and the formation of collagen in the skin. The result is a flatter and better blended scar. Some scars can be totally treated with a single laser session while most require a follow up laser procedure. Generally patients wait 90 days between treatments.

Patients often present with scars from previous accidents or surgery and seek cosmetic improvement. Most scars can be improved by laser treatments and generally lighter skin is easier to treat than darker skin. Some scars are treated with subcision which involves separating the scar bands under the skin and some scars need surgical excision and resuturing. 
Silicone injection is a permanent treatment that has been safely used for 50 years to treat depressed scars or fill voids. Silicone injection has a bad reputation in some circles and is due to the abuse of the product by inexperienced injectors. Unscrupulous doctors use hardware store silicone instead of an FDA approved medical grade product. In addition, instead of micro droplet or “rice grain” injection technique, large volumes or “puddles” of silicone are injected. Getting Home Depot silicone from an unlicensed person in a hotel room seems crazy, but many people have been harmed in this manner.

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